What Kind Of Organizations And Businesses Use LED Signs?

Electric business signs

It can be difficult to catch the attention of drivers. There’s a fine line between bringing enough attention to a business, organization, or event — and drawing too much attention. A spectacle can be potentially dangerous, causing drivers to be distracted to the point of crashing. A good sign, on the other hand, has many positive benefits — and it can in fact make or break the success of those advertising. After all, there’s a reason why 35% of people wouldn’t have found a business if not for a sign. Still, it should be said: although electric business signs are effective, full color LED signs and marquee signs are not for businesses alone. There are many reasons why non-profit organizations would want to use these types of signs. And the fact is that signs are not only effective on a cost level, but a practical one as well. It’s believed that the value of a sign — any sign, not just LED signs — is equivalent of the value of 24 newspaper ads on an annual basis. Let’s look into some of the different types of organizations that would want to use signs like these — and benefit from them as well.

Outdoor Church Signs: Communicating Messages Effectively

Chances are that over the course of your lifetime, you’ve seen a number of different outdoor church signs. Yet, it shouldn’t be difficult to differentiate between which ones are effective and which ones aren’t. Church marquee signs can make a big difference in not only how effectively a church communicates it message, but how it looks as well. Outdoor church signs that send scrolling messages forming in “real time” are clean and modern. They’re also eye-catching in a way that “frozen” signs are not. But why do churches use signs in the first place? They’re obviously not looking to make a profit. Churches are looking to communicate positive, active message, bringing people into the their church. Another important part of “advertising” a church is communicating upcoming events, which outdoor church signs do most effectively when they’re bright and colorful. And yes, signs like these do work; a total of 71% of people read the messages on billboards — whether or not they’re digital. If billboards work, certainly flashing LED signs will as well.

School Marquee Signs: Keeping In Touch With Students

A major reason why schools utilize marquee signs is that they’re the only means of communication guaranteed to be effective for all students, not just those with access to the internet. Obviously, schools are not advertising themselves in the same way that churches and businesses do. A major reason why schools needs signs like these are sporting events. Sporting events make a lot of money for typical schools — and signs can ensure that people know when they’re happening, and where. Another major reason why schools choose signs like these is that they can communicate messages to passer-bys whether or not school is in session — even during the summer.

Business Signs: Improving Sales

Small business have a vested interest in how well their signs send a message. This is because signs have been proven to raise sales revenues in a very real, noticeable way. Research has revealed that adding or changing a sign can directly improve sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign can improve sales by 7.7%. In fact, 32% of people polled visited a retailer of some kind after seeing a billboard later that week. Furthermore, 68% of people frequently or occasionally make shopping decisions while in the car. This means that your business doesn’t have to a shopper’s destination in mind for it to be something they visit anyway.

LED signs benefit so many different businesses and organizations. Certainly, you may want to see if this an effective way to advertise your business or organization. It’s highly likely that that the sign will get the word out just as you want it to.

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