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  • Get People Hooked with Outdoor LED School Signs

    With the advent of the internet, a lot has changed when it comes to marketing and advertising. Most businesses now have to dedicate at least a part of their marketing strategies to online promotions and the viability of more traditional marketing practices have dwindled over time. However, for some institutions like schools, churches, government offices, […]

  • What Kind Of Organizations And Businesses Use LED Signs?

    What Kind Of Organizations And Businesses Use LED Signs?

    It can be difficult to catch the attention of drivers. There’s a fine line between bringing enough attention to a business, organization, or event — and drawing too much attention. A spectacle can be potentially dangerous, causing drivers to be distracted to the point of crashing. A good sign, on the other hand, has many […]

  • Reasons to Pick LED Signage

    Reasons to Pick LED Signage

    If you own a business, you know how valuable your sign is. The value of an on-site sign has been put at the same as two dozen full page newspaper ads. In a recent poll, nearly 60% of the people who responded said they went into a restaurant whose sign caught their eye while driving. […]