Three Things Sales Headhunters Are Sure to Look For

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With virtually every business, comes the need to sell either products or services. But the first step is always to show why consumers should be interested in what you’re selling.

But how do you do this? To be frank, it’s having the right people to sell it. That may sound simple, but sales headhunters are often looking for certain qualities in potential sales people.

Of all sales professionals in North America, around 40% will miss their regular quota, 22% are actually deemed un-trainable, and only around 10% actually provide a return on investment to their employers. Sales recruiters are well aware of this which makes them so particular about who they bring on board.

Here are a few tips for showing them what they want to see:

  1. Communication skills: This is the most vital and effective part of all sales jobs. The majority of what sales representatives do is communicate, both written and verbally, with consumers to accentuate the benefits of their products. If the consumers do not feel comfortable around them or as if they are being fake, they will not respond well.
  2. Perception: Not only must a sales person need to be able to express their information to consumers, but it must go both ways. Any person could go on and on rattling of the special features of what they’re selling, but a skilled salesman will be able to see what resonates, or doesn’t, with customers by reading both body language and their mental reaction. Afterwards they can focus their efforts away from what was not interesting to them, and capitalize on what was.
  3. Demeanor: You would be shocked at how much a person carries themselves can have an impact on how others view them. Many people actually end up making snap decisions on their opinion of someone within just a few seconds of meeting them. Sales headhunters are no exception. Good posture, a welcoming smile, and emanating a calm atmosphere can all greatly improve others perception of you.

When it comes to selling, experience is not always the most important thing sales headhunters look at, especially if there are other sales reps who can assist in training and monitoring sales recruits. But hopefully now you can win them over without them even needing to glance at your resume.

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