Three Impossible-to-Ignore Advantages of Using Server Racks at Your Enterprise

Server rack sizes

As more and more companies have become reliant on computers to perform their everyday functions, the server — a large computer created to store massive quantities of data — has become a staple of modern business. It’s no mistake that the computer server manufacturing industry generates an astonishing $14 billion every year.

If you’ve just begun to employ large-scale servers at your small business, you may be wondering where to put them all. Technically, nothing is stopping you from lining up your servers on a long table. However, if you want to get the most out of your business’ new computer servers, the server rack — rack that can hold dozens of servers at a time — is your clear solution. Just a single 19- to 23-inch used server rack can hold anywhere from 42 to hundreds of servers!

Skipping out on server racks might seem like the logical thing to do, especially at your small business, where you need to save on overhead costs as much as you can. However, the benefits of investing in server racks far outweigh the costs. Here are just three impossible-to-ignore reasons why your small business needs server racks:

Optimized server performance

Whether you opt for new or used server racks, you can be confident that server racks will boost your servers’ performance capabilities. Server racks ensure there is proper airflow around your servers by keeping their air vents free from obstructions. Some server racks even boast built-in cooling systems to make sure your servers never become overheated.

Simple, easy maintenance

When kept on racks, servers are significantly easier to maintain. Cables can be easily bundled and organized, and everything will be where you expect it to be. Many new and used server racks even have wheels or sliding shelves to make accessing and maintaining your servers even simpler.

Boosted security of your investment

A secure server doesn’t just have network security measures in place; it’s also protected against those who would access your business’ information by directly accessing your network from the server itself. Server racks keep your servers locked up to prevent these physical security risks, preventing massive losses at your business.

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