Steel Shipping Containers Widely Used as Emergency and Temporary Shelters

Steel storage containers

At any given moment, there are more than 20 million steel shipping containers making their way to ports and destinations around the world. Surprisingly, steel storage containers are finding new life as temporary housing for hunters, fishers, and campers; outdoor enthusiasts report that portable storage containers for sale — modified to include doors, windows, and insulated against extreme heat — can be used in extreme weather conditions.

Steel storage containers
are highly portable, and as such can be used in areas where more traditional structures might not be as viable. While more permanent new or used shipping container homes require both a flat surface and excavation for utilities before an install, a windproof and watertight steel container that is used as a temporary shelter may just need a flat, well-shaded installation location.

Ideal for campers and hunters, a new shipping container can be installed in a variety of outdoor locations; they have also been used as temporary housing for workers on construction sites, at mining camps, and as emergency shelters in the wake of natural disasters. Hikers who are used to taking refuge in wooden shelters that are provided by state parks may start to notice steel shipping containers — outfitted with furniture and in some cases, running water and electricity — in even the most remote outdoor locations.

Companies that sell new shipping container construction packages may recommend anchoring the container in an earthquake or hurricane zone; in warmer climates, the need to insulate, ventilate, and air condition the inside of steel shipping containers is also a necessity. In addition to outdoor enthusiasts, many home-based workers are beginning to understand the containers’ potential as portable, customizable offices and workshops.

For more permanent dwellings, shipping containers can be stacked and welded or bolted together into more complex configurations. Some homeowners prefer to allow the steel sides of the containers to remain visible, while some mask the steel with more traditional siding. While the real estate market remains competitive, more buyers may find that steel is more cost-effective and sustainable than lumber.

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