Reasons to Pick LED Signage

Outdoor church signs

If you own a business, you know how valuable your sign is. The value of an on-site sign has been put at the same as two dozen full page newspaper ads. In a recent poll, nearly 60% of the people who responded said they went into a restaurant whose sign caught their eye while driving. More than a quarter of these people jotted down a phone number or web address they saw on an outdoor sign. Making the most of your sign placement and type has to be an important part of your marketing strategy. For this reason, you may want to talk to an LED sign company about adding electric business signs to your plan.

  1. You can use bright colors to attract attention to your sign. When you talk to an LED sign company, one of the first things you ma notice is just how bright and colorful the signs are. LED business signs coms in a wide array of bright, vibrant colors that attract the eye and draw attention to your sign. For outdoor signs, you are really competing with a lot of things for your potential customers’ attention. An outdoor led business sign will draw attention to itself regardless of the time of day. They may stand out more at night but are very visible during a bright, sunny day as well.
  2. Your outdoor led display will last a long time. When it comes to electronic signs for business, you really cannot beat going with a LED sign company for your signage. These signs last much longer than other kinds of electronic signs such as neon or fluorescent signs. A well made LED sign can work for as many as between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. That is between three and six years longer than comparable neon or fluorescent signage. LED signs maintain the same level of brightness throughout their lifespan, which is another reason to pick LED over other kinds of electronic signs.
  3. LED signs look better than other electronic signs. You do not have to take the word of the LED sign company, drive around your town or city and look at the different kinds of electronic signs. The LED signs look better than the other kinds of electronic signs that businesses use. Neon and fluorescent signs always look like they are on the brink of shutting off. Part of these signs are always brighter or less bright than the rest of the sign making them look fragile. LED signs do not have this problem and look more consistent and professional than other electronic signage.
  4. LED signs are better for the environment. Your typical LED sign inly uses about 10 watts. This is more than 80% power than what is used in an average neon sign. This means the LED sign company can create a sign that is cheaper to light and one that will reduce your company’s carbon footprint. There are no potentially dangerous gases used in LED lights as there are in fluorescent and neon signs that use argon and mercury gas. For indoor, full color LED signs, the heat output is much lower so you do not have to worry about your signs heating up your rooms forcing you to jack up your air conditioning.
  5. LED signs require very little maintenance. LED signs are much easier to clean than other electronic signs. They do not heat up the way other signs do, which makes cleaning them a lot less difficult. There are no really fragile parts as there are with fluorescent and neon signs. You can even talk to your LED sign company about waterproof options for your signs if you are putting them up in extremely humid or rainy areas, though you may not even need that. These signs are just a whole lot easier to deal with than their fluorescent and neon counterparts.

LED signs are popping up all over the country for a number of reasons. The scrolling marquee sign has become almost ubiquitous in front of schools and even churches. These signs are popular because they work at attracting attention and last forever. When you work with an LED sign company you can create a sign that promotes your brand and business.

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