Getting a Soundproof Phone Booth

Today’s office is a place for productivity, concentration, and professionalism, but the bad news is that some factors may make that difficult, chief among them being noise pollution. Offices are not quiet places; between talk such as phone calls with customers or complaints, the sounds of fax machines and photocopiers, footsteps, coughing, papers rustling, and more, there can easily be a veritable audio overload during some hours of the workday, and this can be a problem for any business professional who needs to concentrate on their own affairs. This can even make it difficult to focus on phone conversations with customers and business partners, and losing customers due to not hearing them well can cost a company a lot of money. What can be done to keep the noise level under control? Soundproof headphones are one idea, but they prevent the wearer from using the phone or hearing their boss speaking to them, so instead, for convenient phone calls, a soundproof phone booth for office work is a strong option. If phone booth office space can be set aside, then a soundproof booth can be just the cure a worker needs to have better phone conversations with customers.

Noise Pollution in the Office

A soundproof phone booth for office work can save an employee from a lot of stress and distractions due to office noise levels, and this can boost productivity and save the company money, something that any boss would want. On that note, poor customer service is estimated to cost American companies around $62 billion every year, and having to say “what?” or “I didn’t hear you” over and over can upset a customer over the phone. A soundproof phone booth for office use is saving a user from the distractions and stress of office noise, and the lowered productivity that results from such distress. For example, if a soundproof office cubicle or phone booth is set up, worker concentration can be boosted by as much as 48%, a significant increase by most standards. Work error rates may be lowered by 10% or so, which can save time since errors need to be corrected. Similarly, employee stress levels may be lowered by 27% by making use of soundproof office space, and 51% of conversational distractions may be eliminated by use of soundproof office cubicles or phone booths. An office phone booth may be the answer.

Soundproof Tech for the Workplace

If an office’s budget allows, and if the boss shows interest, an employee may have a soundproof phone booth for office work installed to take advantage of its effect of cutting out noise pollution. In fact, several employees, especially those concerned with customer service, sales, and speaking to other companies, can get a lot of use out of a soundproof office booth. To build a phone booth in the office may involve contractors, and the associated expenses, but once the booth is in place, worker productivity can be boosted by making all phone calls in that booth, as well as related paperwork as needed. Stress levels are lowered, idle chatter is muted, and the worker can concentrate on what he or she is doing and make the most of their time. The people they call, such as business partners or customers, will probably appreciate how the employee can speak calmly and clearly, not having to speak over distractions and noise around them. If customer service is enhanced, this can mean a lot more customers and business for the company, so a soundproof phone booth for office work can easily pay for itself.

Soundproof technology besides a soundproof phone booth for office work can be a boon as well. The hotel industry is very reliant on its customer satisfaction, and among all hotel guest complains, complaints about noise rank #1, since guests will of course want a quiet room for sleep, as well as private conversations, watching TV, or anything else while in their room. Similarly, hotel guest ratings are, on average, 32% higher when no noise issues arise during a stay, so hotels may invest in soundproof paint to make sure that this level of customer satisfaction is reached.

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