6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Led Signs

Led display board

Your sign is very important to your business. A full 35% of all consumers claim they only find most businesses because they see the sign out front. The electronics giant, Best Buy, says that at least 17% of the foot traffic they see is due to their large, yellow signs. If you are going to go to the trouble of putting up LED signs for business, you want them to make an impact. Here are some tips to make sure they do.

  1. Start with the right font. No sign is worth anything at all if it cannot be read for a distance. You want to pick a straight font that is the correct thickness to make it visible and readable from a distance. Frilly and curly fonts should be avoided because they are hard to read from even a short distance away. Most experts in LED signs for business will tell you that the best fonts for outdoor LED signs are of the sans serif variety. One rule that many people who design these signs use is that you should make sure people can see your sign and be able to read it clearly and quickly from a distance of about 100 feet.
  2. Pick more than one font. Using two clean, clear and contrasting fonts will make your message stand out more than if you have only one font on your electric business signs. This should also be considered the maximum number of fonts that is used on electric signs. Too many fonts will make your sign look busy and cluttered and will prevent people from being able to read your message.
  3. Be prepared to test and tweak your signs. One good thing about LED signs for businesses is that you can change them quickly and easily. This is a very good thing because you are going to want to test your sign and tweak it as needed. Makes sure you walk by and drive by your sign at different times of the day. Your sign may look great at noon but how does it look for the afternoon rush hour? You need to know this so you can make changes to improve your sign.
  4. Go big or go home. When it comes to the lettering on LED signs for businesses, size really does matter. In the same way that you want a font type that is readable, you need to make it a size that is large enough to be visible. Your sign will not have the right impact if you make the writing too small to be seen or read.
  5. Keep your message simple. You need your message to be clears and concise. You need your signs to convey the information they need to convey but they should not be long, wordy messages that are paragraphs long. You should work on the wording for your sign and then leave it alone. You also need at last one person who was not involved with the cresation of your message to look it over to check it for errors and typs. The more careful you are with this,
    the better for you and your signs.
  6. Stay on message. You will need the messages on your LED signs for businesses to have a message that mirrors the messages you use on all of your materials and your social media. You need all of your messages to work together otherwise you will end up stepping on your own message and will lose some of the impact from your signage for businesses. This also applies to the fonts and colors you use for your signs and your other marketing materials. Everything needs to work together.

A lot of people are out there looking for signs to help them find the businesses they want to locate. Having good quality LED signs for businesses can do a lot to promote your products or services, get more people in the door and grow your client or customer base. Because they can do so much for you, it is important to take the time to get them right.

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