4 Great Ideas for Advertising a Brand New Business

Trade show rental displays

There are several things that you can do to promote your new start up business. Starting a new business is probably the hardest part of the whole process. It’s understandable that all that you want is to let people know that you now exist but it can be difficult to find ways to do that. Here are just a few ideas for getting your business brand and name out there.

Trade Shows
These are like expos that they hold typically at local centers in each city. It can be either inside or out and all the businesses pay a fee to set up a booth at the show. Consumers and other businesses can then peruse the show looking at the different trade show exhibit designs and other custom exhibits. The trade show exhibit design of your booth is so important because it is what catches people’s eye. Having a custom exhibit design is best because that way, it is guaranteed that no one will have the same type of set up and you will stand out. Your trade show exhibit design could be anything from interactive exhibit designs to neon signs to graphic images or whatever you decide. Just made sure that you are within the regulations of the show.

Social Media
Nowadays it’s all about your online presence. If you don’t have a digital footprint then you can pretty much forget about getting customers. Even if you hand out your business card like a maniac and have the best signs and the most original trade show exhibit design, you won’t get a lot of business. This is because when the potential customers go online to check you out and find nothing, they will assume you are either a fraud or have nothing to offer. Make good use of resources like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to show potential customers that you are keeping up with the world of technology as well as have something to share with them. Once you capture their attention online, they will likely either shop online at your site, if you have that option (more about that next) or they will visit your store.

Online Shopping
Your website should have the capability to buy online. People don’t shop in person as much as they used to and especially if a store is far from them, they don’t want to make the drive unless it’s for something they desperately need. Other than that, online shopping is the way to go. If you don’t have online buying set up through your website, you will probably still attract customers to your physical store front but you will missing out on a lot of money that you could potentially be setting. Of course, if you are going to set up buying capabilities online then you will want to make sure that your payment acceptance methods are safe and secure and can be proven. This will encourage people to buy from you a lot more if they know their information is being protected.

Billboards and Signs
People tend to stick to their daily routines. They drive the same routes to the same places and only deviate when necessary. These are the people you need to capture. The ones that pass your store front are easy to advertise to because you can put up signs outside your store. However, the ones on the other side of town don’t even know you exist. This is where billboards come in handy. Rent out a huge billboard near the freeway or a busy, main street with only a little information. You want something that catches their eye but can be read quickly. The name of the business, the cross roads of the address and something that you offer is plenty enough. They can then go online to find out exactly where you are if what you are offering appeals to them. Too much information on the billboard will cause them to ignore it.

It is difficult to get your name out there in the beginning but if you can manage to keep plugging away and use these four ideas for advertising your store, then you will be getting customers in no time.

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