3 Places That Can Benefit from Outdoor LED Signs

Signs have been incredibly important for well over a hundred years. Signs let you know where events are, where important places are, and where you need to go. In 2019, signs have been upgraded with modern technology, including full color LED signs. Outdoor LED signs are incredibly useful and can be used for a number of places. This article looks at three particular places that can benefit from the use of outdoor LED signs.

  • Outdoor Church Signs: One place that can benefit from outdoor LED signs are churches, which can use LED signs as a church marquee. A church marquee is important because it lists important dates and announcements for the church. This is especially useful during special holidays during the church calendar like Easter and Christmas, when most churches have extra services to accommodate larger crowds. LED signs are better than traditional church marquee signs because they’re brighter, more colorful, and they can scroll more information than a regular sign.
  • Schools: Another place that can benefit from outdoor LED signs are schools. As with a church marquee, school signs can be used to share important information with students and parents. For example, a school sign can announce important events like the first day of school, dates the school will be closed, and when important school events are taking place throughout the school year. The benefit of using an LED sign is that it can draw the attention of the eye better than a traditional sign.
  • Businesses: A third place that can benefit from outdoor LED signs are businesses, especially small businesses that are looking to grow. Over 30% of people say a sign helped them discover a business in the first place, and if the sign is full color LED, it will stand out even more. LED signs are useful especially at night, because they light up and attract attention. Upgrading the sign of a business has also been proven to increase sales revenue.

In conclusion, there are a number of places that can benefit from outdoor LED signs. These include churches, schools, and businesses. Churches and schools can use LED signs to announce important dates and events throughout the year. And businesses can use LED signs to attract more customers. These are all places that would benefit from using outdoor color LED signs.

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