Yes, People Do Pay Attention to Signs

Led signs

Changeable letter and LED signs have become a way for churches, schools and businesses to communicate with customers. Signs for municipalities and other entities can be used to announce important information like weather, events, school team victories and special deals. LED signs are a highly visible way for any establishment to expand its outreach.

Signs get you noticed
Even in this age of information overload, people notice signs. For businesses, a new sign is not just a way of guiding customers to their business, it’s a highly cost-efficient form of advertising. Signs pull in new customers and surveys have found that over a third, or 35% of people say that they discovered a particular business only because of the sign outside.
People also remember the information they see on signs and will even write it down for future reference.
Signs for municipalities, businesses, schools and churches serve many different purposes. For businesses, signs can actually lead to higher revenues. Just replacing a storefront sign with a larger one can increase sales by 7.7%. That because signs attract walk-in traffic as well as customers who were looking for that specific store.

Signs as advertising
Storefront or window signs also act as advertising, and in fact offer the best return on investment for advertising dollars. An online sign is estimated to be worth as many as 24 full page newspaper advertisements. That’s because customers are mostly local, and as many as 85% of a business customers live or work nearby, within a five-mile radius. They will see a sign each time they walk or drive past, and make a note of it.
Even with a well known chain like Best Buy, fully 17% of the walk-in customers discovered the store because of its sign. As many as 58% of people surveyed said that they discovered a restaurant because of a sign they saw. Another 68% say that they sometimes or frequently make shopping decisions while in the car. Both led signs and traditional billboards are a good way to reach this audience.

Sign for municipalities, schools and churches
For schools, digital signs can be a way to communicate important information. PTA volunteers, busy school principals and District supervisors can all use electronic signs to reach students, parents and the community. Weather, school closings and events, sports wins and other achievements can all be shared easily with a large audience.
Likewise, churches and municipalities can share news with their community using outdoor led displays. A recent poll found that 58% of people over 18 years of age learned about events of interest to them through a billboard.

Signs for municipalities, schools, churches and businesses are an easy way to communicate with a large number of people. Changing letter signs and marquee signs can be updated to make sure that important information reaches its audience.

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