Why You Should See a Life Coach

Personal coaching

Did you know that research suggests that around 80% of people do not want to report to work on Monday after their weekends have come to an end? Are you in that 80% boat? Does it feel surprising that 20% of people actually do want to go to work? Maybe your job isn’t a great fit for you. One great way to figure that out is to work with a motivational life coach.

People spend about a billion dollars each year in the United States along on personal life coaching or personal business coaching. About 40% are women, 60% are men and all are looking for ways to clarify their goals, whether life or business related, and meet them. So what do motivational life coaches have to offer?

Personal coaching was born out of a few different ideologies. Psychotherapists Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are largely noted for the credit of life coaching services. While this idea may seem a little new age or “woo-ey”, several studies have pointed to it increasing mental health.

As more choices become available for how we live our lives, so does the plight of making more choices. Personal coaching offers individuals a safe space to navigate hard career and personal decisions. If ever you aim to make an investment in yourself, life coaching may be a great place to start.

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