Why You Should Invest in an LED Display for Your Business Sign

Electric business signs

Have you ever had to change a marquee sign, manually? It’s a nightmare. Pretty much every person that comes in from hanging a short message on their outdoor marquee signs comes in, mad at the world. It’s just such a tedious and time consuming job with little to no reward. If you’re using marquee signs for businesses or as outdoor church signs, here are some reasons that you might want to upgrade your commercial business signs to an outdoor LED display.

To Keep Everyone Happy
As mentioned, the job of changing old fashioned commercial business signs is one that no one wants. It could take hours just to take down one phrase and put up another. If you alternate employees or helpers to change the sign, it’s not too bad but everyone hates when their turn comes up. If you install an LED display then it’ll be a lot quicker and easier to change the sign and no one will have a problem doing it for you. You may even find that you have the time to do it yourself. Extra jobs like these can really kill employee moral. you’ll probably notice that once these little side jobs disappear, the employees are able to better focus on the work that they are being paid to do.

To Simplify the Process
While it’s not difficult to change a manual marquee sign, it’s annoying. You have to take each word letter and letter and put in up, there’s even a slot for the spaces. It’s so much simpler to be able to open up a computer, head into a specific program, erase the previous message and type in the new one. You could have that sign done and dusted within minutes. You’ll be able to change the information more frequently because it’ll be a lot easier to do. When something takes a lot time for such little outcome, it’s hard to do it as much as you want to.

To Stay Up to Date
If you are a big business, having an old fashioned marquee sign as one of your commercial business signs says that you are too cheap to upgrade. Either that or it says that you are unfamiliar with this day and age and don’t know how to relate to the current generation. Especially if you are in any kind of work than is supposed to relate to the younger generation, then you need to make sure all of your public pieces show that you know what you are doing and understand.

To Get Better Info Out
When you are using commercial business signs, you need to be able to announce different events, sales, deals and more on your signs. If you are using old fashioned signs, it’s hard to be able to get all the information up there that is necessary to catch people’s eye. With an LED sign that can be written up from your computer, you have the ability to be able to get out as much information as is necessary. Of course, you don’t want to overload or bombard the viewer with too much information that they can never possibly remember but not having enough information up can also be a problem.

To Give the Signs More Jobs
When you have an LED scrolling screen, the sign doesn’t just have to be used to state your opening hours and current discounts. The scrolling ability can make it almost like you have several signs up around you business so that you can promote other things, recognize holidays, people, elections, etc. It’s important to stay current whether it be with technology or the news. People like going somewhere that is involved with the community and knows about current events and different things that are going on.

You might think that upgrading to an LED sign sounds expensive. The truth is, it’s not that much of an added expense and the sign will may for itself in no time. The types of customers that it will attract to your business will make it entirely worth it. Do not settle for anything less than the best otherwise that is the type of business you will attract as well.

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