Why You Should Choose Made in USA Clamshells

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The packaging of a product can make or break the product when offered in retail stores. If the packaging is too bulky, stores will reject it or put it somewhere out of the way, which will also be out of sight for the customers. If the package doesn?t adequately display what the product is, it will seamlessly be looked over and ignored by the customers.

Packaging is a significant part of marketing and buying decisions. According to a recent study, over 50% of people make their purchasing decisions at least partially based on the packaging. Additionally, people look for brands that are intentionally making a positive social and/or environmental impact. This includes looking for products that are made in America and companies that are committed to supporting American manufacturing companies. This includes utilizing packaging material that is also made in America.

Clamshell packaging is a typically plastic package that opens and closely similarly to a clamshell, which is how it got its name. Small clamshell packaging is used in a wide range of different industries to package an equally wide range of products. Buying made in USA clamshells is a great why to promote supporting American manufacturing while also offering a recyclable package, which is environmentally beneficial.

Demonstrating environmental awareness is also very important to many consumers. A significant amount of plastic ends up in the ocean each year causes billions of dollars in damage. Nearly 50% of consumers have reported that they will purchase a product because the packaging was environmentally friendly. Made in USA clamshells are just one example of a product that is environmentally friendly by utilizing the least amount of packaging necessary and by being recyclable.

While some people thing clamshell packaging can be difficult to open, there are user friendly clamshell options, as well as thermoformed clamshells, and reusable clamshell packages. The type of packaging you should choose is really dependent on the product being packaged. However, the usability, recyclability, and image created by the packaging all need to be taken into consideration.

Packaging is so important, larger companies often have people within their marketing and branding department, who deal directly with packaging. It is there job to ensure the packaging is consistent with the product and the brand. This means balancing a great deal of information and factors that must be taken into consideration.


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