Why We Need to Repurpose More Shipping Containers

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Repurposed shipping containers offer a wealth of possibilities from pipeline monitoring equipment enclosures to school classrooms, job site offices, and affordable housing for construction sites. Few realise the value of choosing shipping containers that has been repurposed for other uses.

The durability of shipping containers means that they can last upwards of 20 to 25 years if they are well taken care of and regularly painted. They are also very strong, capable of withstanding winds up to 100mPH if rooted on foundation and, if anchored its pylons they can withstand up to 175MPH winds. They are also flexible. They can be adapted into multiple units to form larger structures such as to serve as pipeline monitoring equipment enclosures. In fact, shipping containers make for ideal equipment enclosures of all types, often taking up less space, offering security against the elements and rodents as well as potential break-ins, and are quick to install and set up. Cost both on initial set up and of maintenance is often lower than other options.

Shipping containers vary in size with the standard being 20′. Larger 40′ containers are capable of holding 8,443 shoe boxes in the 2,700 foot space. Reusing shipper containers can have a positive environmental impact since they are made from 85% recycled steel. They are also fully recyclable and the parts can be reused, thus saving on new building materials. More than 3,500 kg of steel is saved as a result of resting shipping containers and there is as much as 8,000 kWh of energy savings in not having to melt it down.

They have the added advantage of being mobile and weather-resistant and are easy to set up, often not requiring any form of foundation. Shipping containers can also be stacked. A savings of up to 40% can be enjoyed on using shipping containers over traditional construction methods. Despite all of these benefits, there are an estimated 24 million unused shipping containers that have been retired, many with as much as 5 to 10 years of use left in them.

Increasing the reuse and repurposing of shipping containers can greatly reduce waste, positively impact the environment, and offer cost saving as well as flexibility and durability across a range of use cases. The multi-purpose units can offer military, government and construction companies a wealth of possibilities.

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