Why Parking Lot Care and Street Sweeping Matter

Maryland parking lot sweeping

Pavement cleaning technology has progressed quite a bit since C.S. Bishop patented the first mechanical street sweeper in 1849, but the concept is still the same: Street and parking area sweeping leads to cleaner, safer and more attractive paved areas.

Street Sweeping

Street sweepers used to be people who used brooms to remove debris from the streets. Now, street sweepers are vehicles of various sizes that allow paper, leaves and other rubbish that tends to collect in curbs and gutters to be collected and removed. The advantages of sweeping services are many, and one important benefit is simply aesthetic; trash in the street lowers a neighborhood’s feeling of quality, also depressing home values.

Street sweeping is also a practical concern. Street waste can often block storm gutters and cause flooding in case of heavy rain, leading to further property damage. Furthermore, runoff can contain heavy metals, pesticides, grease, oil, toxic chemicals, road salt and germs from septic lines. Regular street sweeping removes these pollutants, thereby reducing these harmful materials from entering the water supply and contaminating marine habitats.

If you haven’t already done so, bring contract street sweeping services up at your next homeowner’s meeting. The benefits start right on your street, and travel far beyond your neighborhood.

Parking Lot Cleaning Services

If you own retail space that includes parking lots, you may have put more thought into the buildings themselves than the blacktop outside. But cleaning up your parking lot will give your customers the impression of a well maintained, high-quality establishment as soon as they exit their cars. Additionally, your customers are less likely to litter in a clean space; existing rubbish, on the other hand, might encourage them to add some of their own instead of bothering to find a trash can

Parking lots, like streets, also pose significant environmental risks if not properly cared for. Studies show that parking lot pollution costs between $4 billion and $20 billion each year in health and environmental costs. Do your part by removing debris and pollutants responsibly. This can be done either by sweeping or using a parking lot vacuum.

If your space is small, you may have been trying to tackle parking lot cleaning on your own. But contracting an outside cleaner will show you the difference between a commercial parking lot vacuum and the brooms or small outdoor vacuums you’ve probably been using. In the long run, paying a service with adequate equipment can save you both time and money.

Have you used professional parking lot vacuum or parking lot sweeping services? What advice can you add? Share in the comments.

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