Why Go Green Dry Cleaners Just Make Sense

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One of the biggest issues facing our planet today is human driven environmental change. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, human beings produce well over 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. While it is true that carbon dioxide is a natural bi-product of life, the fact is that we are producing more of it than the Earth’s natural filters, its trees and the like, can keep up with.

Yet the problem does not stop with our production of carbon dioxide; it continues on in our excess use of water. The Environmental Protection Agency states that Americans use up to 400 gallons of water daily, 95% of which is actually wasted. Consider how often we leave the tap on to get the water hot or how we leave the faucet on as we wash dishes, and you can see where the waste is coming from.

One of the biggest sources of concern, at least in the United States, is human industry. We need to eat, we need transportation, and we need to keep our clothes clean, but we do not have to do so irresponsibly. That is where environmentally friendly dry cleaning services, like Go Green Dry Cleaning, come into play. Go Green Dry Cleaners, and those like them, cut business costs, improve family safety, and reduce our carbon footprint; all of this while providing clean clothing.

  • Cut Down on Business Costs
  • For many companies, buying employee uniforms from uniform supply companies represents a significant annual expenditure. Many green drycleaners offer uniform rentals to cut these costs. This type of uniform rental service allows businesses to easily change their uniform inventory as their employee count fluctuates, helping them to avoid a large initial outlay of capital. A huge variety of American businesses, including country clubs, banquet facilities, restaurants, and others, can use these services to great effect.

  • Reduce Toxins in the Home
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, many consumer laundry detergents contain chemicals which are quite dangerous to human health. Phenol, one such chemical, is shown to cause death in cases of hypersensitivity. According to the EPA, traditional dry green cleaners use a substance called “perc” that can actually elevate toxin levels in the home and especially in the room where dry-cleaned clothing is kept. Go Green Dry Cleaners use no such chemicals in their services.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • For many, the biggest advantage of eco dry cleaning providers, like Go Green Dry Cleaners, is the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you need a suit cleaned or a dress, environmentally friendly cleaners can take care of it while reducing the waste of water and the use of harmful chemicals. Further, since many Go Green Dry Cleaners offer recycling services for coat-hangers and other recyclables, the ability to recycle, reduce, and reuse is further improved.

Green America writes that some eco friendly dry cleaning is more expensive than traditional methods. However, as these services spread throughout big cities, like New York where they have become a mainstay, their price will come down. The price may decrease, but the savings in costs to businesses, human health, and the Earth will only increase with these types of services. More research here: maxiwalker.com

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