Why Flexible Packaging Products Are Better for the Economy

Packaging sleeves

Many products, especially food items, are protected in-store by some kind of packaging. From boxes and cans, to tubs and jugs, flexible packaging products have changed the way that we do business. For those looking to market or buy a product, here’s some reasons why flexible packaging products are the smart choice for your shopping needs.

Recycling has become one of the best ways to reuse resources like paper, plastic, and tin. Many of your super market favorites are packed in recycled flexible packaging products; this is in part to the fact that 94% of Americans have access to plastic bottles that have been recycled with 40% recycling other types of plastic containers. Efforts to reduce food packaging usage give us milk jugs that weigh 30% less than the ones from 20 years ago, significantly reducing plastic use.

Freshness and Quality
Modern food packing gives us innovations such as heat-sealed plastic pouches and wraps, each of which helps to keep food fresh and protected from contamination. Many foods now come in resealable packaging, to help maintain quality longer.

Save Space
When delivering food to the store it is important to make the packages as small as possible so that more can be placed on the truck for delivery. Less than two pounds of flexible plastic can deliver around 10 gallons of a liquid or beverage; that would take 3 pounds of aluminum for 10 gallons of liquid. For every truckload of flexible plastic packaging, it would take 26 truckloads of glass jars of equal volume.

Projections to Grow
As estimates are made for future trends, we see a growth in flexible packaging products. From 2010 to 2015 alone the global market for flexible packaging will grow 3.4%, reaching upwards of $248 billion. With plastic use only growing, it may be time for your business to contact a flexible packaging manufacturer.

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