Why Business Works Better in Color

It doesn’t matter if you work in marketing, fashion, healthcare, or psychology: color makes the world go round. Colors evoke emotions, they remind us of events in our lives, and they help the mind make associations. If you aren’t already color coding your work or your products, it’s a missed opportunity to connect with your customers and to bring order to your life.

Color Really Does Attract the Eye

Color increases brand recognition by 80%, and smart companies know how to use it effectively. There’s a reason that Barbie is surrounded with hot pink and McDonald’s has the quintessential golden arches. Studies show that 85% of shoppers will buy a product because of its color. Even if you’re adding colored adhesive tape to a packet or adding Made in America stickers to a product, it won’t go unnoticed.

Your Female Customers Will Notice

Speaking of notice, don’t forget that your role is to attract the attention of people with budgetary power, be they wives or marketing executives. Some companies shy away from color coding their products or using colored circle labels because they worry that the effect will be lost on colorblind would-be customers or clients. While about 8% of men are colorblind, only 0.5% of women are, and they are the ones who, studies show, will be most drawn to attractive colored printable labels and who make key financial decisions.

They Help You Keep it Together

Color coding stickers don’t just benefit your customers, though. They’re important for labeling documents, mail, files, and any number of other documents that happen to cross your desk. It may still take hours to go through the stack of papers in your paper tray, but at least you’ll know that the green colored dot stickers indicate accounts payable and the black colored adhesive tape indicates an urgent memo from the COO. Even if you can’t get through all of your tasks in a day, at least you’ll know what they are.

Whoever said, “Once you label me, you negate me,” obviously never had cool small colored dot stickers. The right label for the right document or product is a great way to convey the meaning of the object without using a single word. What business doesn’t want to harness that power?

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