When To Call A Residential Elevator Installation Company

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Do you own a property that is in need of residential or commercial elevator installation? Perhaps you want to make things easier for the residents of your commercial office building, or would like to give an elderly relative the ability to stay independent in their own home. Whatever your reasoning is, there are some things to know before you contact a commercial or residential elevator installation company. Here are just a few:

1. The Basics – Today, the majority of elevators are located within commercial, retail, and residential properties. The average elevator rises 4 to 5 floors which is around 40 feet. The United States has over 700,000 elevators that collectively make over 18 billion passenger trips per year. We come across elevators so often that sometimes we completely miss them. If you really think about how often you encounter elevators in your daily life you may be surprised!

2. Safety – Did you know that elevators are actually twenty times safer than escalators? Of course you won’t be trying have an escalator installed in a residential property but sometimes the conversation does come up with commercial buildings. If you discuss safety with a residential elevator installation company you’ll be sure to hear that their product is safer for your elderly loved one than any staircase will ever be.

3. Popularity – Residential elevator service has grown in popularity recently and there are currently more than 10,000 residential elevators being installed each year. No longer are residential elevators seen only as a luxury items for dream homes and mansions, but rather as a means to increase mobility and independence for the user. Call a residential elevator installation company in your area if you have questions or concerns about what the process would be for your home or commercial building.

As you can see by now, there are many reasons that people have elevators installed in their properties. Residential lifts are just one of the popular products on the market today. Your need or desire for having an elevator installed in your property will depend more on your specific situation which is where a residential elevator installation company comes in. They are the experts and can answer any questions you might have about whether an elevator is right for you.

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