When Should I Change my Door Locks?

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Are you thinking you might need to change your door locks? For the most part, you should always go with your gut, but if you have some questions about when you should change your door locks, we’re here to help. There are definitely special scenarios when door locks should DEFINITELY be changed, but if you’re not familiar with when they should be changed, here are four that you should think about. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Moving into a new place

If you’re moving into a new apartment, condo, or home, you need to make sure your locks have been changed. While you might want to give the person who lived there before you the benefit of the doubt, in order to ensure your safety, you need to change the locks. You don’t want someone you don’t know just barging into your new living space. You don’t know what that person might be capable of, and to ensure you do not get hurt, you should change the locks. If moving into a complex of town homes or an apartment complex, be sure to ask if the locks have already been changed before moving in.

2. You break up with someone

Relationships are messy, and sometimes they do end amicably and mutually. However, in the instances where they do not, you need to make sure that your locks are changed after you make your significant other move out post-breakup. You don’t want to face an altercation, and you never know how people can act when they are hurt or upset. To avoid any conflict that can cause you harm, call up a residential locksmith service to come in and change your locks for you.

3. Your old lock is wearing out

There will be times when you notice your lock isn’t working properly, which signal that you need a new one! Locksmith services are available to come in and change your locks for you, so that you can easily lock and enter your doors. Residential locksmith services make it easy for your locks to get changed, with virtually no hassle to you.

4. You’ve lost your keys

While it might seem like a huge annoyance at first now that you can’t get into your home without your keys, changing your locks is probably the best option. Don’t waste time trying to find your keys (unless you know they are only in one or two places). If you have no idea where they are, call a residential locksmith service and have someone come in and change your locks and give you a new key. By doing this, you also ensure that the person who might have found your keys can’t come into your living space.

When was the last time you changed your locks? Let us know in the comments below! Find out more about this topic here.

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