What’s The #1 Way To Save Money ON Back To School Shopping?

3 ring binders

In the back-to-school shopping days of ancient times, i.e., the 90s, parents would drag their sun-dazed kids kicking and screaming away from the backyard and into the dreaded office supply stores. There, offspring in tow, bargain seekers would roam the aisles in search of the most fertile 3 ring binders bulk bin hunting grounds. But like snap bracelets, dial-up internet, and the Backstreet Boys, traditional school shopping is a relic of simpler times.

This year, one in three back-to-school shoppers will make most or all of their purchases online. That’s because in 2015, savvy shoppers are more likely to find small 3 ring binders bulk prices online, rather than in brick and mortar office and school supply stores. So for parents looking for cheap ring binders, spiral bound graph paper notebooks, or D ring binders for their kids, the best bargains are likely online (just like you’re kids probably are right now).

According to the latest consumer shopping trends report, the average cost of K through 12 school supplies is almost $700 per child per year. Shopping online doesn’t just save a trip to the store, it can also help cash-strapped families afford a hugely expensive investment in their child’s education.

The moms and dads of days gone by might have been shocked to learn that they would one day buy colored pencils and notebooks on a computer, but here’s something that would have surprised them even more: Millennials are expected to spend $913 million of their own money on back-to-school supplies this year. Of course, that could simply be because electronics are often considered part and parcel of essential supplies at many middle and high schools. In colleges and universities, students eager to have the best gear might be willing to shell out more cash to have the best tablet or laptop in class.

Remember: If your family can afford to donate to school supply donation drives, buying in bulk can maximize your donation for the families who depend on your generosity!

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