What You Need to Know About Starting Up a Granite Countertop Business

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According to the results of a recent Zillow survey on the home improvement marketplace, of the projects that deliver the most “bang for the buck,” granite countertops are still in the top five. While many design trends come and go indoors, “most buyers are still requesting granite countertops [as well as] stainless steel appliances,” according to Bic DeCaro, a Zillow Agent Advisory Board member.

Are you considering construction franchise opportunities? There are many reasons business owners decide to invest in a granite countertop business. Here are a few things you should know about this industry before taking the next plunge into the future of your entrepreneurship.

Why Consumers are Drawn to Granite

  • Granite is easy to clean after use, requiring nothing more than soap and water after usage. It’s not porous, which means that contamination is not as big an issue.
  • Quite simply, granite looks nice; it has visual appeal. Natural rock colors can tie in well with a neutral-themed room.
  • It’s hard — it’s literally a rock — which means that it won’t be easily scratched and marred the way laminate often is. Durability is important for anything in the kitchen.
  • If you replace worn and old kitchen countertops with granite, according to MSN Real Estate, you’ll make back approximately 83% of your investment when you sell the house.

How to Start Granite Countertop Businesses

The first step to establishing a business is investing in it. If you want a successful company, you’ll need to spend many thousands of dollars creating a business plan, purchasing the proper tools and equipment, and hiring and training qualified employees. Because these steps can often be complicated, especially for first-time business owners, many going into business decide to partner with a home improvement franchise. Franchises provide support and assistance along with a proven, successful business plan for emerging businesses.

What You Should Do for Your Granite Business Plan

  • Research your local area to determine the demographic of your key audience, and how to reach them. Your marketing money will be wasted if you blast it out at everyone from teenage girls to people living in an apartment who aren’t allowed to change out their countertop.
  • You will need various insurance and licenses depending on what state and county you operate in. Be prepared to have insurance that covers both your business and your employee’s safety. You may need licenses for doing construction work in peoples’ homes, in addition to a standard business license.
  • Take fabrication classes if you don’t already understand granite fabrication. If you do, the next step is buying the parts for granite fabricators. Find granite distributors where you can get your product.

Are you interested in owning a granite countertop business? Let us know in the comments.