What to Look for in an on Site Shredding Service

On site document shredding

Every business owner wants their company to be safe and secure. Unfortunately, a single data breach can have a major impact on a business. In 2015, The law firm Baker Hostetler created the Data Security Incident Response Report. In this report, it stated that 20% of data breaches handled in 2014 involved paper records. Many companies think that paper shredding is the only on site service to utilize. However, you’ll want to know other methods of on site shredding as well as what to look for when hiring a shredding company.

Document Shredding

On site document shredding is a must for any business. Throwing away documents does not ensure information is safe. Someone could easily obtain information from tossed out documents that could end your business. You might think that document shredding means having to transport files to a company. Luckily, on site shredding ensures a service is provided at your business. On site shredding makes shredding of papers and files much easier for a client.

Hard Drive Destruction

While business documents are important to destroy, they aren’t the only aspect to worry about. A hard drive is found on every computer within your office. Inside of each hard drive is important business information. You might think throwing a computer out will keep information safe. It is crucial that a hard drive is destroyed so that no one can access vital company information. Statistics show that each year corporate identity theft costs $48 billion annually. It’s wise for a company owner to ensure all forms of data destruction are handled. The popularity of technology in the workplace makes data destruction essential for any business.

What to Look for in a Document Shredding Company

Not all document shredding companies are equal. These companies will be working with the data of your business. It’s understandable to wonder what makes a shredding service stand out from the rest. Company data in the wrong hands can wreak havoc on a business. Here are three important things to watch out for when hiring a shredding service.

  • Well Established

    You will want to find an on site shredding service that has been in business for some time. There is nothing wrong with newer companies. However, many customers feel more at ease working with a company that has been in business for a long time. A company that is has been established for some time means they’ve provided local services for many years. During these years, it’s likely the company has built up a loyal following because of their great service.
  • Certifications

    Certain businesses in your local area will have relevant certifications. Working with a certified company is similar to having an extra layer of security upon hire. On site shredding a service that must be performed in a professional manner. Finding a company with industry certifications means you are working with extremely knowledgeable individuals.
  • Locally Based

    It’s important to support local businesses in your area. Working with a locally owned document shredding company is like working with a neighbor. You don’t want to deal with a fly by night document shredding business. Hiring a local shredding business is similar to having this service whenever your company needs it. Working with a company too far away likely means having to wait for work to begin. It makes sense to have fast on site shredding by working with a local service.

In summary, it’s important that a business properly destroys information. In 2015, 16.2 million people were affected by a total of 312 business data breaches. Many business owners are realizing the benefits of hiring an on site shredding service. Document shredding services are essential for any company to utilize. On site shredding means not having to drive around hundreds of pounds of documents. In recent years, technology has ensured many companies use computers every day. Important company information is stored on the hard drives of these computers. Improperly getting rid of business computers could put company data into the wrong hands. Hiring the right document shredding company ensures your business’s data is removed in a safe and efficient manner.