What should you consider donating when spring cleaning this year?

Spring cleaning season is just around the corner. Clearing out old clothing,household donations, and toys your children no longer play with is one of the best ways to contribute to less fortunate and clear some space out of your home. So what items should you consider donating and how should you go about organizing it?

When going through your children’s toys decide what they play with and what they haven’t touched in a few months. If your child finds it hard to let go of certain items try to do the purging while they are at school or on a play date so that they don’t cause a fuss. Never donate anything broken or missing pieces as it is unkind to give a charity garbage they cannot use. Try to ensure you have all the pieces of puzzles, board games, and other toys and if they are missing pieces think if there is another way to use them. There are all kinds of different crafts that use small toys, puzzle pieces and more that can be lots of fun for kids to make and enjoy. Second hand stores will collect donations that pick up at home for your convenience.

When you start sorting through household items donate anything you haven’t used in over a year. If you haven’t touched it in a year the odds are you won’t be using it any time soon. If you have collected a number of pots, pans, plates, and coffee mugs why not try to purge the ones you don’t use. There is no person in the world that will use 30 coffee mugs at any one time so give ten away and you will feel better. Household items are always needed for other families so your clutter could be another persons treasure if it is a newly divorced person moving on their own, a college student leaving the next or someone who lost everything in a fire there is always a need for gently used items. Have them collect your donations that pick up at home service come to you and collect your household items.

By donating your gently used items you are keeping garbage out of the landfill and helping those in need. Many second hand stores use some of their profits for charitable organizations in the community. Any charitable donation of more than $250 in donations of clothing and household items can get you a receipt to write off on your taxes. So not only are you helping others but saving when it comes to tax time. Second hand stores give you the option of donations that pick up at home to save you time and energy.

As your children grow you will find yourself with all kinds of clothing that no longer fits. Used clothing donations save parents hundreds of dollars everyday and help keep tons of fabrics out of the landfill every year. The best charities to donate to are the ones that give back to the community and have the best prices on used clothing and household products for everyone.

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