What Popular Cremation Keepsakes Teach Us About Our Common Humanity

Cremation necklaces

Since the earliest days of mankind, human beings have honored our dead. In fact, ritual burials are one of the earliest marks of human civilization, and even primitive hunter-gatherer tribes had complex traditions surrounding funerals. To this day, archaeologists are uncovering new graves, which often include personal items and religious symbols. From these humble traditions evolved ever more complex customs, from the great pyramids of Egypt to the simple churchyard burials practiced by early Americans.

During the Victorian Age mourning jewelry became common, and people would keep a locket or necklace containing a piece of hair or another token. Soon after, death photography became popular. When photography was still a novel concept, people would take one final photo of the deceased, the better to remember them by.

Cremation Keepsakes Keep Memories Alive

Today, memorial keepsakes are the newest tradition we have for honoring our lost loved ones. Especially as cremation becomes more and more popular, many Americans are choosing to ha ve memorial keepsakes for ashes designed to keep their loved ones’ memory alive forever. If you or someone you love is dealing with grief, then here are some of the unique sympathy gifts that are becoming part of our 21st century burial rites.

Some popular memorial keepsakes include:

  • Blown Glass: Blown and spun glass artworks have exploded in popularity over the past few decades, as skilled artisans offer one-of-a-kind glass creations in communities the world over. However, using just a small amount of ashes, these artisans can suspend a loved ones’ ashes in a beautiful glass piece forever.
  • Mourning Jewelry: Although mourning jewelry has been around in one form or another since the stone age, in 2015 cremation jewelry has become a common way to honor departed friends and family. Cremation pendants are designed to hold ashes, which keep a part of the departed close to your heart forever. Memorial necklaces for ashes, cremation bracelets, and other elegant jewelry are popular choices.
  • Display Urns: While many people prefer burial or scattering urns, many people choose to display an urn inside their home or inside a mausoleum. In either case, the urn has evolved in recent years. Now, urns can be purchased in a variety of tasteful and artistic designs.

While the particulars of burial rites may change over time, the fundamental human need to honor those we’ve lost remains the same.

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