What Exactly Is Order Processing Fulfillment?

Pick and pack

Many startup merchants have vague or fuzzy ideas of what exactly order processing fulfillment is. Sure, these service process orders, but what does that exactly entail? Generally speaking, it refers to the steps involved with receiving, processing, and delivering orders to the end customers, be they residential or businesses.

Receiving the inventory is the first part of fulfillment services. Once the manufacturer or supplier has sent the products to the order processing fulfillment center, it’ll take care of such tasks as counting the products to make sure they’re all there, inspect for damage, and catalogue the inventory into the warehouse’s organizational system.

Once the inventory is counted, inspected and organized, the orders can start to be filled. Customers send the merchant their orders, whether online or in the store, and it’s up to the merchant to get those said orders to their order processing fulfilment centre. This can easily be done with the available software, making transactions and order fulfillments incredibly quick. Once received, the individual items are picked off the warehouse shelves, and packed in the best, safest way possible. Finally, when the order has been picked and packed, it gets delivered.

Order processing fulfillment services can also help with more than filling orders. They can also handle customer service about the products as well, to help ease anxious customers who might worry about their products, or answer any questions and queries that a customer might have. This means that merchants will never have to tell customers that they’re unsure, and that they just outsource to order processing fulfillment services.

In short, order processing fulfillment services receive the inventory, pick and pack the goods, send them to customers, and can handle any customer service issues you might have, giving you more time to efficiently run your business! Continue your research here.


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