What Does Your Business Signage Say About You?

Signage and advertising is all around us. Saying that feels like a simple way to put just how much the signs we see influence the things we do and what we purchase from stores. Nearly 85% of people have admitted that signs are the things that display the personality and character of a business. It makes you wonder, what is the signage around your store conveying for you and do you have enough signage materials to make your customers want to come in and shop with you? The next time you’re trying to figure out why your foot traffic doesn’t seem to be what you want it to be, take a look at your signs and decide if you have a place that you’d want to shop in as a customer.

There are dozens of way to get people into your business with your signs. From a-boards to banners to a green eco friendly sign that proudly displays your business and what you offer, it is all about how you portray your business on those signs that will make or break who you have come though your doors. Did you know that the value of having on-site signage is about the same as 24 full news paper advertisements every year? That’s quite a big deal when it comes to get your little business out there and on full display for all of your potential customers.

Wall posters and custom event signs are just as important as your green eco friendly sign is as well. Many customers admit to only entering a store due to the signs they see that bring them into being curious and wanting to know more about a business, not to mention explaining exactly what a store sells. Just think about when you hold yard sales, you have to have yard signs in order to get people to come to your yard to buy things right? Well having a business and selling things is no different than just that as well! Advertising is the key that is going to bring in those individuals to your store and make them look around and buy things from you.

The next time you find yourself trying to decide why your foot traffic isn’t what it should be or why you don’t have many individuals shopping in your store, than take a look at the signage that you put on your company and decide if you’re putting out the right image to make those new shoppers want to come in and buy your goods. Invest in a few different budget posters or even a green eco friendly sign that portrays exactly what you want to show and watch the new customers clutter to your store in droves. It’ll be worth it with all of the new profits, and who doesn’t like the thought of branding yourself in a fun and innovative way?

Be the store that your customers want to shop in, the store that you would want to shop in if you were a customer in this case and make your signage and advertising everything for them.

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