What Do Cannabis Consultants Do? You May Not Have Known About These 3 Vital Services

Licensing a marijuana business

All across the United States, cannabis is becoming more widely accepted by the American public. Recent surveys indicate that most people (52%) think cannabis should be legal, and nearly seven out of 10 Americans (69%) find alcohol to be far more harmful than cannabis. Yet when it comes to breaking into the market, entrepreneurs may have trouble getting started, despite improved public opinion on the topic of marijuana. For these reasons, it may be necessary for aspiring and new business owners to work with cannabis business consultants to get off the ground and grow a competitive business.

How can cannabis consultants help you achieve your dream of starting a medical marijuana business or a recreational cannabis shop? Here are three important services that these consultants can aid their clients with:


In order to begin operating a cannabis business, a company must have licensing with its respective state. So far, there are only four states that have completely legalized cannabis — Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington — so only these states can have licenses for recreational cannabis sales and cultivation. However, there are 23 states so far and the District of Columbia that allow medicinal marijuana, which requires a different type of license. This is a necessary step before setting up a business, and it can take quite a bit of time before a license is granted. In order to get one as quickly as possible and not experience delays, businesses will often work with consultants to draft proposals and fill out applications.


Once cannabis business licenses are secured, cannabis consultants are able to help clients with cultivating if this is part of their business. For instance, medical marijuana suppliers need to know the differences between strains of cannabis in order to best serve their clientele. For businesses that won’t be cultivating cannabis, a cannabis consulting agency can put that business in touch with suppliers and let them know about what they should look for on the supply chain.


Finally, although many businesses know that they want to grow or sell cannabis, they may be at a loss when it comes to promoting their products. Developing a brand and crafting effective advertisements can also be confusing for new entrepreneurs, especially. Cannabis consultants also work on recreational and medical marijuana business branding for companies who want to have a competitive edge in their local markets.

How can cannabis consulting agencies help you achieve your goals in building a business? Make sure to talk to a consultant to find out what kinds of strategies will best serve you. You can leave a comment in the space provided for more general information on marijuana business consulting and advice.