What are Some of the Lifting Equipment to Get your Job Done

Wire rope sling

Nowadays, it very hard to find an ongoing project either big or small without a set of lifting equipment. and today both commercial and private building construction is growing exponentially with new malls, homes, and offices getting erected just about anywhere. Warehouses are also taking part in the acquisition of lifting tools and machines in material handling. In one way or another, industries activities will involve moving goods, materials or machinery from one point to another, thus needing a specialized lifting gear.

Improved technological process has meant that more innovative equipment can now be used in handling various lifting needs. From complex, simple to traditional lifting equipment, it’s now easy to move construction materials or machinery just about anywhere and they are categorized differently.

1.Chain Hoist and Trolleys
A chain hoist refers
to a type of lifting equipment normally suspended from a beam through a trolley. It features chains and hooks that ensure the object being lifted is firmly handled. There are manual and electric chain hoists that are made to handle different objects, although you can find universal chain hoist that will offer versatile handling option.

2.Lifting clamps
Lifting clamps can be found in options such sheet metal handling clamps or plate clamps, these two options are suitable for almost any application. Some of the striking features you need to check out when planning to buy a lifting clamp are serrated jaws and non-marking. This clamp has a lifting capacity of up to 60,000 Kilograms equivalent of 60 tonnes.

3.Scaffold hoists
Another type of lifting gear is the scaffold hoists popularly used to mount windows and gantry. This one can sustain a weight of about 800 kg. Scaffold hoists come with its set of accessories such as a wheelbarrow, buckets, baskets and slings that facilitate the general handling of goods.

4.Lifting slings
This unconventional lifting tool
is very unique, but you’ll be surprised with how much weight it can carry. From webbing to round sling design. lifting an object will be effortless.

5.Wire rope pullers and cable grips.
This equipment has an array of use, from tensioning, pulling to the lifting of different sized objects. It is easy to mount and it has an anchor bolt that offers various connection points.

6.Jib cranes
Jib cranes are probably the simplest type of lifting equipment and it’s commonly applied in factory use. It features safe working loads that carry weight of up to 5 tonnes. However, custom designs and improved weight capacity can be order.

7.Lifting magnets
Most of this magnets can lift up to 3000 kg and they are practically easy to install and use. Often, they don’t require power and their functionality in lifting round and flat loads are very efficient.

Other lifting equipment apart from the ones mentioned above include lifting shackles, and lashing equipment among a host of others simple but significant lifting tools.

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