What Are Metal Bellows?

Metal bellows are handy little things that are used in a variety of areas. They involve complicated construction that allows them to be both resilient and strong at the same time. They not only have to be able to withstand pressure and heavy weight, but they have to be able to maintain their integrity and shape under such pressure. They are incredibly useful and have been made stronger and better over the years as technology has moved forward. Let’s take a slightly deeper look at these little piston and spring combinations and how they function.

What are metal bellows?

Metal bellows are essentially metal expansion joints that can spring back into their original shape after being put under pressure. They have to be rigid and flexible at the same time and be able to allow for expansion in whatever system they are working in without breaking. They come in different sizes and are used for many different things.

What can bellows be made of?

Unlike old bellows from many years ago that were made from leather, modern bellows are made from different kinds of metals and alloys. The type of material depends on the manufacturing process and that use the bellows are intended for. Certain metals can’t handle the process of being welded, for example, so metals that can stand up to that process would need to be used instead.

What are bellows used for?

If you’ve asked yourself “what are bellows used for?”, there isn’t a single answer to your question. They have a variety of uses. They are mainly used in industrial applications, especially measuring instruments like pressure gauges and industrial sensors. However they can also be used for sealing purposes or eliminating vibration in engines. They are versatile objects that are an essential part of places like factories.

How are bellows made?

Bellows are made in three different ways. They can be welded, hydroformed, or electroformed. Each process is unique and yields varying results. The process used depends on what the final product will be used for.

What is the EJMA?

The Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association set the standards for metal bellows manufacturing. They are a checks and balances system that creates specifications to keep bellows up to code and working properly.

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