What and Who Is a Transformational Leader?

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What some managers might not realize is that there’s a difference between an organization leader, and a boss. Bosses drive employees using their authority. Charisma leaders, though, coach their employees. Where a boss would say “do it,” a leader will say “let’s do it.”

Of particular benefit to companies is the transformational leader. If you’ve never heard of them, you may be wondering who is a transformational leader? Before you understand that, you must first know that effective leadership is a process whereby one individual influences a group in a positive way to achieve their common goal.

So who is a transformational leader? These are leaders who go above and beyond simply leading employees to achieve a common goal. The transformational leader develops employees–they get employees to want to change for the better, to improve their skills, and become more efficient workers.

To fully understand who is a transformational leader, you must comprehend the four components of a transformational leader.

1. Intellectual Stimulation. 2. Individualized Consideration.

These leaders don’t only attend the group as a whole, they give individual attention as well. The key to any group’s success is strong communication, which is why transformational leaders will work one on one with people to keep ideas flowing free and give recognition when it’s due.

3. Inspirational Motivation.

Transformational leaders are able to articulate their vision to their employees. They help them see the big picture, and share in their enthusiasm and passion so that they can be equally as motivated as well.

4. Idealized Influence.

Like any leader should be, the transformational leader is a role model. He or she is someone that all employees should look up to, trust, respect, and emulate.

Considering these four elements, if you think about who is a transformational leader in our culture at large, a number of examples will leap out at you. Some popular transformational leaders include: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Carl Sagan, and more.

Hopefully now you know who is a transformational leader, and who is not. If you have any questions (other than who is a transformational leader), feel free to ask in the comments. Continue: Transformational leadership theory

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