Video Surveillance Installation, You, and Everything In Between

Security surveillance system installation

In the United States, there is a burglary committed every single 15 seconds. That is right, every single 15 seconds there is a burglar breaking into someones homes and apartments. Now, more than ever before, technology has helped people begin to have a better approach as to how to protect themselves and their treasured items inside of their houses. No one wants to be a victim of a burglary and that is why more and more neighborhoods have neighborhood watch committees, to help deter and stop crime. Also, now more than ever before, neighborhoods are going out of their to fund the purchasing and installation of residential security camera installation. Not only do residential security camera installation help the people within the neighborhood feel safe when they rest at night, it also helps legitimately stop and deter criminals from trying to break into the houses within the residential area. There are proven statistics to show and reveal that this is true. If you make sure you do the process of residential security camera installation right, then it will work out well for you in the long run. Here are some things that you should know about residential security camera installation and how you can get the most out of installing these security cameras in your neighborhood.

The FBI conducted a study based on factual criminal evidence which came to prove that most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm. This is because this is when homeowners are most likely to be gone from the home. Most burglars aim to avoid confrontation with a homeowner at all costs because they do not want to add trouble to the mix. If there is any sort of confrontation with the homeowner, a burglar fears it could escalate to unnecessary violence and that will unfortunately escalate the crimes to a higher stature. Burglars want things to be as easy as possible when they go in to rob and steal from a homeowner. Residential security camera installation is something that can help deter these burglaries from happening. Keep in mind that according to statistics from the FBI, homes that do not contain security systems are about 300% more likely to be broken into than those with security systems like surveillance cameras. Imagine how this statistic will improve even more when you the residential security camera installation process configured and finished in your neighborhood in order to help protect the people who need the protection. Burglars will go out of their way to try and prey on houses that have no security cameras installed to watch over the house. This is because burglars want to take the easy way out in their job process. Make sure, when you buy your cameras for the residential security camera installation that they are state of the art cameras with high forms of technology. That way, you will be able to great image capturing and you will be able to use the video evidence when moving forward with prosecuting the burglars or trying to get insurance to cover any stolen items.

Estimates show that 67% of burglaries can be avoided by simply having the residential security camera installation process successfully carried out. That is over half of all burglaries that can be deterred and stopped from happening even before they are planned out by the burglars. Home security camera systems can go quite a long way in terms of helping you keep your home safe. Make sure you have professional security camera installation so that the cameras are properly installed. There are even new features being created by home security cameras systems and home surveillance cameras and home surveillance systems, such as remote access. As a matter of fact, it is shown that having a surveillance camera system with remote access can eliminate theft and losses up to 80%. If you are a small business owner you may also want to invest in having security cameras installed in your business to prevent theft by your employees and business partners alike.