Understanding How Private Security Works in Australia

Security guards

Regulations for private security companies in Australia can be complex, so here’s a breakdown of what they typically entail.

In New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia security certification is overseen by the police. In the Northern Territory, licensing is carried out by the Department of Justice, and the Justice and Attorney General departments oversee the process in Queensland. In the Australian Capital Territory, licensing is performed through regulatory services, and in South Australia, the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs handles licensing.

Security guard agencies in Australia have to meet strict requirements about the uniforms and badges they wear to the job. Australian security services must not be confused with police officers either through their uniform or through their job titles, and as a result, the terms “security police” and “private detective” are prohibited. Many security companies use the term security guard, but usually security officer is more appropriate for general services.

Most Australian security officers can use weapons like firearms and batons and use handcuffs, but only when their role requires it and only when they’re licensed to do so.

There are usually several categories within a more diversified private security company. For instance, bouncers for clubs, concerts and events are usually referred to professionally as crowd controllers. Store security officers are usually referred to as loss prevention or asset prevention officers. Many companies are often divided into home and commercial security companies as well.

Network security companies operate a little differently. Network security companies use software techniques to prevent unauthorized access or damage a company computer platform. Network security companies also work to prevent the misuse, modification, malfunction and destruction of a digital system to allow a computer-based company to run safely.

If you’re looking for security in Australia, your best bet is to go with a company that has proper licensing and plenty of experience in the area where you need assistance.

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