Two Game Changing Advantages of Merchant Credit Card Processing

Charge backs

It’s no secret that the key to having a successful business is having an appealing, easily navigated web platform. This rings especially true for the e-commerce industry, and graphic and web design have become as important to an online business as their content and services. Just as, or even more, important as appearance for the functionality of a web business is the availability of secure payment options for customers. With e-commerce sales generating $1.2 million every 30 seconds, and 72% of millennials researching and shopping their options online before ever going to a store, competition is as high as the stakes.
Here are two huge advantages of merchant credit card processing services that could change the game for online businesses:
The customer doesn’t need their credit card…
With the card not present transaction process, customers are able to make purchases from anywhere and at any time, regardless of whether or not they have their credit cards with them.The safety and ease with which a customer is able to make purchases on a businesses web site can tip the scale when it comes to indecision or a choice between that or another product. It is projected that by 2019, online purchases made on a mobile phone will skyrocket from $52 billion to $140 billion, making it all the more necessary and advantageous for businesses to ensure customers can make purchases at the click of a button.
Increased security for the customer and the business…
Everybody wins with merchant credit card processing services. The customer receives a stamp of approval on the businesses from which they are buying goods or services by a trusted middleman, and the business has the advantage of retaining more detailed purchase records, plus a higher level of cyber security, including charge back detection, encryption software and fraud detection software. Six out of 10 customers are reported to be concerned about credit card and debit card fraud while shopping online, so are less likely to make purchases on a website that does not use a reliable credit card gateway service. The services rendered by many credit card payment services are often too expensive and time consuming to justify small or medium businesses providing their own — outsourcing is more than worth the safety and efficiency provided.

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