Two Essential Tips To Keep Holiday Parties Fun And Appropriate

Human resources management solutions

Some may associate human resource information and news with payroll, hiring, interviewing, and training only. While jobs in human resource management definitely involve these things, there is much more to it. People working with human resource management systems are directly responsible for employee relations, employee concerns, and company complaints as well. And that’s why it is important for HR departments and/or HR employees to carefully consider any imminent holiday parties. With proper planning, holiday parties can boost employee morale, employee job satisfaction, and ultimately increase worker productivity. Without adequate preparations, the company holiday party can be a disaster. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Serve Alcohol, But Do It Wisely

“In a survey conducted by a New York executive search firm, Battalia Winston International, 87% of U.S. organizations report planning a 2005 holiday party,” writes. “And, in an effort to foster the festive spirit, three-quarters of these parties will serve alcohol.” Serving alcohol on its own is not necessarily an HR no-no. The mission of human resources departments, however, should be to reliably keep alcohol consumption under control. There are several different means of doing this. Give employees two complimentary drink tickets and require them to purchase any additional drinks, for example. Human resources agencies may also want to say no to shots, and encourage drinks with lower concentrations of alcohol, like beer and mimosas.

Get Rid Of The Mistletoe, Steer Clear of Religion, And Make Attendance Optional

Other tips should be fairly obvious, but sometimes it can be difficult to overlook these things, especially when typical HR responsibilities entail building schedules and managing employee benefit programs (i.e. something very different). Don’t get mistletoe, avoid religious symbols like the cross or Star of David, and give employees the option to bow out, if they have other obligations or plans.

Human resource information isn’t just about hiring, pay, and scheduling. HR officials and HR systems should also account for important corporate events, like company holiday parties. More can be found here.

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