Troubleshooting Golf Cart Repairs – Fast Car Video Clips

Issues with your golf cart such as it not running, stalling, and the stuttering. The video provides tips for golf cart repairs.

What should you do if your golf cart won’t start:
1. Take a look around to determine any oddities that are out of or out of place, particularly the wiring.
2. Check your positive and negative wire connections to ensure that the wires are securely joined.
3. Check the ground wire. Try to wiggle it a bit as you switch the car on (make sure that the ignition switch is set to “on”). It isn’t connected to the starter in case your car doesn’t start.

Instructions for carrying out maintenance on your golf cart
1. Unscrew bolt connected to the ground wire.
b. Pull out your electrical tape.
For exposing additional wires, c. Use a knife to strip the earth wire.
D. Purchase a new connector and then attach it onto the wires that are exposed.
e. Connect the ground wire and screw the bolt again.
F. Start the golf cart.
This is quite a common problem for golf carts. This is a typical issue with golf carts. uyt29zwkid.

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