Trade Show Exhibits Getting Your Message Across

Trade show booth builders

Trade shows are an exciting opportunity for most businesses. However, trade show exhibit fabrication is a highly specialized task. Opting for custom exhibit design gives your company full-service solutions which combine winning strategies, eye catching design, flawless execution, and worry-free management and on-site support. An exhibit company will help your company project its image, get the message across, and draw in the people who are looking for your products or services. With custom exhibit displays, you can be sure that your company is presented to its best advantage.

Trade show booth ideas: keep it simple

As trade show exhibit companies know, less is more. With both words and images, the rule is to keep it simple and eye-catching. Taglines and images should be minimalist, corresponding to the amount of time the viewer will be able to spend on processing each. Tag lines for instance should be around 6 words, which the viewer can assimilate within 3 seconds.

Experts also recommend that tag lines should clearly define the brand, without being too abstract. This will ensure that the exhibit attracts visitors who have a genuine interest in the company.

Graphics: less is more

As exhibit design companies know, with images, less is more. It may seem contrary to common sense, but images should contain no more than three colors and should include large areas of blank space. As much as 40% of the space in design booth graphics should be empty. This seems like a very high figure, but according to the industry experts, the empty spaces speak as well as images.

Logos and images should be simple, using no more than three colors. Like the short tag line, the purpose of images in custom exhibit design is to get the message across in the shortest possible time. Too many colors and too many words confuse the message. Similarly, the exhibit should not have too many static images apart from the corporate logo. Like a billboard, exhibit booth images need to hit home and “hit hard”. There is only a second or two to capture people’s interest as they glance at the image.

Since exhibit design is a highly specialized field, calling in the professionals will help your company put its best image forward at the next trade show.

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