Top 3 Ways to Reuse Shipping Containers

Portable office containers

Did you know that there are currently 17 million shipping containers in the world? And only 6 million of those are being used for shipping. The remaining 11 million are largely unused. While they are no longer used to transport goods across the globe, the remaining 11 million shipping containers could still be used. Shipping containers for sale can be used for many things. Here are the top three things that steel cargo containers can be used for.

1. Storage containers can be used for storage. Not just on the high seas hauling goods, but instead personal storage. Maybe holding a lawnmower or two, or for piles of extra clothes. A typical TEU container is capable of holding 3,500 shoe boxes. A 40 foot shipping container could hold 8,000 shoe boxes. That’s enough space to hold the wardrobe of even the richest person. And with storage container modifications, it can be customized to your specifications. Add shelves or lighting, climate control or windows so you get the storage space you need.

2. Used shipping containers can be recycled. In this age of going green, consider using shipping containers for sale for your next house or building project. Each shipping container uses 3,500 kilograms of steel. By recycling used shipping containers, not only are you saving this much steel, but you are also saving the bricks, wood, and other building materials. And don’t worry, that shipping container can be customized to include rooms, climate control, and all the conveniences of modern living. Buy used shipping containers for your next home project.

3. Consider storage containers for your business. In 1992, the average individual workstation was 80 square feet. Now it is down to 39 square feet, according to Jacobs, a major design and workspace construction firm. Buildings are difficult to expand, but it is easy to add a shipping container. Maybe your business is just taking off and you can no longer do it alone. Using a shipping container can give your business mobility, space, and, with shipping container modifications, can give you and your employees a comfortable place to work.

Consider shipping containers for sale for your next project. Whether adding storage space, building a home, or expanding an office, shipping containers can be customized to meet your needs. They can be an easy addition, saving materials that go along with building, and unused shipping containers are abundant. Used shipping containers make an excellent addition to your personal and professional environments.