Tips to Start Welding

Welding can be an interesting and rewarding hobby or job to pursue, and if you’re thinking of taking it up, there a numerous beginners classes available that can help you get started; however, if you’re more into DIY, here are a few basics you should keep in mind before you get started.

Safety Supply Tulsa Locations.

Safety supply Tulsa locations can be the first step to making sure you have everything you need to get started. Serving as a welding supply shop, there you can find welding gas bottle refills, and the welding gear you will need to get started. Additionally, you will need to make sure you have all the safety gear that you need to properly go about welding without unnecessary risk to you or anyone else. Being safe is key to continuing your craft and going on to become a great welder.

Understand the Process.

A good beginning form of welding is known as arc welding, with metal inert gas, or MIG, welding being the easier technique to learn. With this method an electrode is automatically cycled through as you work, this results in a clean and simple, but strong, finished product. Gas is used for this method, because it produces a ‘gas shield’ of sorts, that works to keep the molten metal free of any contaminants while work is being done; contaminants can cause a weld to be weaker, so gas it necessary for this process to be done right.

Tips and Tricks

When you have your gas and gear ready to go, here are a few things to double check before you get going.

  • Clean the metal before you begin. As stated above, contaminates can cause a weld to lack strength. Scrub the metal beforehand, and sandpaper the weld area; this will insure for a secure and strong weld that will last much longer.
  • Don’t forget to put your helmet down! When the sparks are flying, you can easily harm your eyes. Even welders who have been working for years can sometimes get preoccupied and forget this important measure. Don’t take risks, and always shield your eyes before you begin.
  • Secure the material before you begin. You don’t want the metal scooting or jostling when you’re trying to get a clear weld. Make sure everything is secure so that no mistakes can occur.
  • If you’re welding and it sounds something similar to popping, you’re either running to hot, or your equipment is too weak. Many professionals say that the sound of a goodweld is akin to a sizzling, think bacon in a frying pan.
  • If you’re not planning on taking a beginner course, you should consider learning how to read blueprints. This simple skill can help you when completing projects in the future, and also teach you how to use simple welds for all practical implementations.

If you are thinking of getting into welding, consider the above and find a safety supply Tulsa location, so that you can have all the gear you will need when starting out. Whether you want to start your own business, or just weld as a hobby; getting started is easier than you think.

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