Tips from a Heavy Equipment Exporter

Heavy equipment exporter

Latin America has some of the best mining on the planet.  The rest of the world has taken notice as investing in this industry has grown exponentially since 2005.  Approximately 27% of global exploration spending was in Latin America.  The region is expected to receive as much as $200 billion in new investment in the years leading up to 2020.  With 70% of its territories ope not world class mineral deposit exploration, Mexico is leading the way.

Getting the necessary equipment to certain regions is challenging.  And making these large scale purchases that are required for mining can be difficult. Any heavy equipment exporter will advise companies to take the following steps to ensure the products they receive are what they need and want.

Tips from a Heavy Equipment Exporter:

  1. Do the research to find what you really need.  This is crucial.  The last thing any company needs is to discover, too late, they got the wrong tools for the job they need done.  And with so much out there, it just makes sense to triple check.
  2. Check out what other companies in the area are using. Both the equipment and the seller.
  3. Research your specific equipment once you’ve picked it out. An informed customer is a happy customer.  It will be easier to pick between brands, if you know more about a piece of equipment than if you do not. One may have certain advantages over another for your specific needs and location.  Ask about maintenance.
  4. Get photos.  It’s got possible to go in and check out what you are buying but a photo or video of the product might give you a better sense of what you are getting.
  5. Shop around and get quotes.  There’s a lot of trust that you have to have in the heavy equipment exporter you select.  Everyone wants to get the best deal and every seller wants to get the best price but the cheapest might not be the best option and the most expensive might not be of the highest quality.  It also is good to develop a decent relationship with the dealer you select, this is not going to be a one time sales situation.  You and they are going to be in contact for a (hopefully) a long time.

This is an exciting time for the mining industry in Latin America.  It is an equally exciting time for companies doing business with the region. This is where international trade it at its very best; the local economy and people benefit from a blossoming industry that brings jobs and the countries that sell to them benefit from the same things.  There are few places on the planet that cannot use more jobs!


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