Tips for Hiring IT Sales Recruitment Agencies

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The sales profession is a large one, there are more than 22 million people in the United States who work as sales people. When a company hires a sales professional, they are taking a big risk and mistakes in hiring can cost them about six times what that employee?s salary is. IT sales recruitment agencies can help businesses find and train the right people who will be valuable assets for the company.

There are many IT sales recruitment agencies out there, how can you tell which sales recruitment firm is the right one for your business?

  • What do you want from the IT sales recruitment agencies you are interviewing? Do you want them to find candidates to interview? Do you want them to do everything from finding the candidates, screening them, interviewing them and then preparing a short list for you to review? There are two kinds of contracts you can sign. Contingent firms only scout out potential hires while retained firms handle a lot more of the process. Assess your needs and how much you can devote to hiring sales people and that can help you determine what kind of sales staffing agency you need.
  • How much experience do they have in your field? What is their track record? Ask the IT sales recruitment agencies what their experience is with your industry. Ask, too, how many of the sales people they have placed have stayed in those positions for longer than a year. How may have been promoted? You should ask for references and if you can, talk to some of the people they placed. Someone may have gotten a job with a company through the sales staffing agency but it turned out to be a bad place to work. Do not assume everyone who left a job soon after being placed there is to blame.
  • Have a clear and detailed job description ready. If you are not sure what kind of candidates you what IT sales recruitment agencies to find, they will always disappoint you. Be clear and concise with them. Confirm you are all ?on the same page? and be open to follow up calls and questions, that is a good thing.
  • Talk to a few IT sales recruitment agencies, do not go with the first one you talk to. You will get a better sense of they services they provide and the costs associated with them if you take the time to talk to multiple sales recruitment companies. You will still be spending a lot less time interviewing companies than you would sifting through resumes and interviewing potential staff members. Plus, as much of an expert as you are in your field, they are in staffing.
  • Remember, when you hire a sales recruitment agency, they represent you. Just as your employees represent your company, any contractor you fire becomes an extension of your business. You have to feel completely comfortable with them and know they are putting your best foot forward while talking to prospective hires. If your gut does not trust them to be professional, go to a different firm.

Hiring decisions are often challenging. IT sales recruitment agencies can make the process a whole lot easier, cheaper and faster.

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