Time to Bite the Bullet and Buy Bulk Paper

Despite the rapid and widespread growth of digital content and digital services, the majority of homes and businesses still rely heavily on paper. According to one report, there are over 4 trillion paper documents in the United States on any given day and that number is anticipated to grow by over 20% each year. The use of paper is not going to diminish as many people claim it will.

Paper today is different than in the days past. For example, roughly a third of all paper is now made with recycled fibers. The paper industry in the United States attains 60% scrap paper recovery each year, which means the paper is not going into landfills. People are recycling their paper when they are done with it, and it is being made back into new paper.

There are over 92 million tons of paper produced in the United States each year. So who is buying and using all that paper? It’s businesses, schools, non profits, and individuals. Depending on how much you or your organization uses, it may be of interest to find out where to buy bulk paper.

Wholesale paper suppliers can provide the best prices to buy bulk paper because it is what they do. They already have the price scales in place and they know what your best value options will be based on your needs. If you are regularly purchasing paper or needing a large amount for a particular project or event, it will be immensely beneficial for you to get prices to buy bulk paper.

Any mom of a toddler can likely attest to the fact that a single toddler can go through an entire ream of paper in a day creating colorful master pieces. While it might seem over doing it for a mom to buy bulk paper for her home, when you stop and think about how much paper you’re buying anyway, why not get it at a bulk price?

While large companies are already aware of the value of buying in bulk, small businesses or nonprofits may just look at the bill and decide they don’t want to spend that kind of money upfront. However, when looking at the long term savings, it is vitally important to realize how much you will be saving.

Any small business owner or the director of a small non-profit can attest to the fact that money can be tight, and spending large amounts at one time may feel impossible. However, if you change the way you look at expenses, you can change the way you order supplies and realign your budget to buying in bulk.

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