Three Ways To Rock The Next Trade Show

Custom exhibit design

Trade shows have always been important. Whether a company is rolling out a new product or showing their most important wares, trade shows provide a platform for doing just that. Trade shows are very interesting things to behold. Exhibitors in the United States spend upwards of $24 billion annually and allocate a third of their budget every year to trade show events and exhibitions.

Where most of these companies go wrong is not having a designed outcome in mind for their trade show exhibitions. Nearly 70% of companies that go to trade shows have no real specific objectives for the show. They might spend their money on exhibit rentals or trade show booth designs but a quality exhibit booth design is only the beginning of what it takes to really stand out.

Here are three things you might want to keep in mind before you head out to your next trade show or exhibit.

1. Keep the fonts simple in your exhibit booth design.

Many argue that trade show exhibit designs are a make or break proposition for any business. The tendency might be to go super fancy with it, but keeping it relatively simple might just be your best bet. After all, the entire reason you have a sign is to identify you to the trade show crowd who is just hoping that something will stand out.

Use san serif fonts like Helvetica for your lettering. The more words you have, the easier you need it to read. Of course, you’ve got your brand to consider, so keep it in mind when you are planning your exhibit booth design. Never use more than two different fonts for your sign and material.

2. Place your graphics at the optimum level so that they will be seen properly for the best impact.

Place any long range graphics as high as you are allowed. Erect and medium range graphics about six to eight feet above the ground. If you have any short range graphics in your exhibit booth design, place them about five to six feet off the ground.

3. What your message does not say is as important as what it does say.

When it comes to booth design graphics, there should be 40% empty space. This means that virtually half of your design will feature blank space. It might sound crazy, but when you are the consumer and you’re taking in an exhibit booth design the empty space is telling as much of a story as the graphics themselves. It’s all a part of the same message.

When it comes to media spending, the only thing that ranks higher is digital. Trade shows are a force unto themselves and you want to make sure that you get your next one just right.

So remember, keep your fonts simple, place your graphics at the optimum height, and don’t be afraid of empty space.

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