Three Things Your Health Spending Account Can Give You that Insurance Might Not

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Canadians are fortunate enough to live in a country that covers most basic healthcare costs with taxpayer dollars. However, not all services are covered, and sometimes healthcare is delayed depending on coverage. As a result, many Canadian citizens opt to purchase additional healthcare through their small business health plans. One of the most advantageous of these available benefits is the ability to have one’s own health spending account. Health spending accounts, sometimes referred to in other countries as flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts, allow employees to use 100% pre-taxed dollars to cover up to 100% of out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

What kinds of services can health spending accounts cover? There are plenty, but here are some of the most popular uses for these types of small business health benefits.

    1. Mental health spending For many Canadians, mental health services are not covered or only partially covered under traditional insurance. Due to this issue, this can leave many people without various therapies and medications. Having supplemental coverage can provide this care for the employee or his or her family.

    2. Elective surgery Elective surgeries are any surgeries not deemed medically necessary. While these can be cosmetic or otherwise superficial for some people, others choose surgeries to alleviate the symptoms of non-life-threatening conditions. By having health spending accounts to cover these costs, Canadians are able to receive health care on their own terms.

    3. Pharmaceuticals Although medications are covered for the elderly or indigent in Canada by public funds, some people do not have access to the medicine they need. Having a health spending account can give individuals extra funds to help cover their medication costs. It can also make other drugs available to them that might not have been previously.

Do you have questions about these types of benefits? Talk to your employer or benefits administrator today. You can leave comments below for further information on setting up a health spending account. Good refereneces.

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