Three Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Dry Blending

Powder coating process

There’s a lot of different elements that go into dry blending. Just as the aim of dry blending is to combine different substances into one mixture, these elements blend together to provide an ideal dry blending process. The process of chemical blending may seem simple to the layman, but while the job can be done adequately by the typical person with some amount of difficulty, there are some things that, when taken into consideration, can lead to greater success. Here are three thing you may not know about the powder processing process:

1. Minerals and Salts Grind Better

One thing that should be taken into account is which materials will require more preparation to blend. Very cohesive materials can give the blender some amount of trouble if they are using a traditional flat screen — the powdered metals can stick to each other too much to easily fit through the holes effectively, blocking the passages and preventing easy screening. Different minerals, salts, and other similar materials can be be ground and processed much more easily!

2. Adding Energy Can Help it Blend Better

Finer, smaller particles can clump up, for a variety of reasons, ultimately impeding the blending process. This isn’t an insurmountable problem though; adding energy to the screen with ultrasonic vibrations can help to alleviate the issue, forcing these tiny particles through the screen. How much energy needs to be added depends entirely on the difficulty of the dry blending job: the more difficult the job, the more energy should be added.

3. Bigger, Tougher Jobs Don’t Have to Be Your Problem

While adding energy can solve the issue of dry blending to an extent, eventually it does not become practical to continue adding energy. At times, it may not be the quality of the powder that presented a problem, but rather the quantity. Regardless of the issue, there are different companies that offer mass blending services at a price. No matter the the task is, there is a way you can accomplish it! How will you blend? Learn more at this link.

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