Three Reasons Why Welded Steel is the Best Material for Above Ground Storage Tanks

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Above ground storage tanks — the large cylindrical structures responsible for storing fuels, crude oil, liquid fertilizer and a number of other substances — can be constructed from a variety of materials. From steel to fiber-reinforced plastic, concrete and other types of plastic, you have a number of choices when it comes to storage tank construction.

However, to keep your tanks up to API 653 standards for longer, welded steel is my far the best choice of material for these tanks. Unlike other materials, steel offers longevity, cost-efficiency and opportunities for customization.

Still not convinced that welded steel is the best material to use when constructing new above ground storage tanks? Here are the top three reasons why welded steel storage tanks are the only way to go:

Steel is long-lasting and durable

Steel is well-known for its ability to resist corrosion longer than other above ground storage tank materials. Steel is also resistant to high temperatures, as well, meaning it won’t melt or warp in the sun. This makes steel storage tanks virtually leak-free, keeping repairs and maintenance requirement to a minimum, preserving the integrity of the tank structure and protecting its contents from contamination.

Steel is cost-effective

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for steel storage tanks is remarkably lower than that of other storage tank materials. This is because they have a longer life cycle, due to their corrosion-resistant properties, and don’t require as many costly repairs.

Steel is hygienic and environmentally-friendly

Because steel doesn’t corrode or leak like other tank materials, these tanks are ideal for storing products that need to be kept clean and germ-free, such as water. In fact, hospitals use steel storage tanks because of their ability to keep water clean and free of contaminants. Additionally, steel is 100% recyclable, meaning its environmental footprint is much smaller than that of plastic or concrete.

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