Three Online Web Design Tips For the Uninitiated

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While online web design courses can teach you how to develop a web application, you don’t need any additional special classes to learn how to build a website. Nowadays, there are tons of excellent free services out there that make online web design quick, easy, and painless.

Of course, not every website that these services churn out is perfect. While you don’t have to be an expert in online web design to get a professional looking site, it would help to get some advice first. So, here’s a few online web design tips to help you out!

Keep It Simple.

Simplicity is best, especially when working on a particularly complicated project that you don’t quite fully understand, like web design. You need to be objective about things and prioritize. It might seem like everything on your site is essential, but remember what the goal of your site is. If something doesn’t directly help you achieve that goal, get rid of it.

Stick to a Color Scheme.

You don’t want to get too carried away with colors the same way you don’t to leave a stark black and white site. Settle on a decided color scheme, and go from there. You don’t have to limit yourself to a mere two or three, but that’s a good number to start out with. If you need a bit more subtlety in some parts of your site, use different shades of the chosen colors, but don’t bring some wild card into the mix. If you’re not good with color theory, there are online generators that can help.

Invest in Some Quality Photography.

Even though you’re using these free or cheap tools because you’re on a budget, quality photography is well worth your investment. You don’t want generic, stock photos making a poor impression on your potential customers. That simply doesn’t reflect well on your business. You don’t have to blow your budget, but you do need to at least invest a little bit.

Once you’ve built your website, you can continue to put your new online web design skills to work, and use online strategies to start marketing your company. If you’re truly serious about using your new website to get ahead, then perhaps you should consider checking out some online marketing companies to see what they can offer you.

If you have any questions about online web design, feel free to ask in the comments. This is a great source for more.

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