Three Great Reasons to Invest in a Storage Tank Coating

Repair tanks damaged bycorrosion

Liquid fertilizer tanks are notoriously subject to corrosion due to the nature of the chemicals they’re responsible for containing. That’s why the American Petroleum Institute (API) requires each above ground storage tank to be inspected on a regular basis to prevent leaks and spills.

But what if there was a way you could improve your tanks’ construction and have sturdier tanks that stood up to corrosion longer? You might want to consider the advantages that epoxy-coated steel storage tanks can offer.

Need more convincing about all the reasons why your steel storage tanks need storage tank coatings? Here are the three biggest benefits of storage tank coating that you can’t ignore:

Improved economy and efficiency

Constructing epoxy-coated storage tanks requires less equipment, less time and less labor. In addition, the panels and segments for these tanks are much more efficient to ship and deliver to you, and can be constructed by local teams that cost significantly less than bringing in a delivery team from far away. Overall, the cost savings of constructing a coated tank are enormous.

Higher levels of flexibility

Coated tanks come in pretty much every size for all different needs and requirements. Even more impressive is the fact that they can be made bigger or smaller by simply adding more panels, something that traditional above ground storage tanks aren’t able to offer.

The assurance that your tanks will last

Above ground storage tanks are a major investment you have to make. And when the average tank can become corroded in as little as 10 years, it’s essential to preserve your tanks’ lifespans however you can. With coated steel tanks, you’ll have greater reinforcement against the corrosive properties of the tanks’ contents, meaning your tanks will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Questions on how to determine the appropriate coating for your tank? Ask us anything that’s on your mind regarding coated storage tank construction in the comments below. More like this blog.

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