Three Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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Did you know that studies show that 59% of consumers use Google to find reputable local businesses every month? This means your website’s traffic from search engines cannot be discounted when it comes to planning an online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, because search engines are constantly changing and updating, it is almost impossible to navigate the world of search engine optimization without an internet marketing SEO company. However, there are a number of common problems and mistakes you can avoid making in the first place. Whether you’re in the process of creating a new website or trying to improve an existing site, keep an eye out for these issues.

Don’t Confuse PPC for SEO
Whereas SEO typically involves improving website quality, creating great content, and other tactics to help increase a website’s organic rankings, PPC refers to “pay per click” ads a company buys from Google for specific keywords. While it it important to focus on SEO, companies should consider bidding for PPC ads for their company name to prevent competitors from gaining new clients who mistake Google’s advertisements for search results.

Don’t Begin SEO Only When Your Website Design is Over
If you’re in the process of designing a website, don’t wait until it’s over to start talking to an internet marketing SEO company. While SEO can help existing websites, a lot of the industry’s tactics involve adding keywords to web pages, building links, implementing XML and HTML sitemaps and using basic HTML tags, all steps that can be implemented as the project is in process. Make sure to at least consider including this service in your plan and budget.

Don’t Hire a Suspicious SEO Firm Just to Save Money
Many people feel disgruntled when they realize they will have to pay to optimize their website. But while we rarely consider the time and effort that is necessary to draw attention to a website when we’re browsing the internet, SEO is often very effective and worth the investment. Unfortunately, many small businesses try to get around this by hiring an internet marketing SEO company that makes big promises for small payments. More likely than not, these agencies are actually black hat SEO companies, which use disreputable practices like keyword stuffing, link buying, hidden text and more. While these companies might be able to show you short-term results, Google’s new updates place heavy penalties on these techniques, making the good deal you thought you found a detrimental choice.

If you want to draw new clients and increase revenues, using SEO to increase your web traffic and improve your website quality are the best steps you can take. While this industry can often be confusing, hiring a reputable internet marketing SEO company to help can do wonders. Contact some agencies in your area today to discuss their services.

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